What is LSVT?

LSVTLoudLogo is a voice therapy specifically designed for Parkinson’s Disease, although it is also applicable to some other types of voice disorders.  It is one of the best evidenced speech and language therapy techniques available, and due to this, Speech and Language Therapists must be officially certified by LSVT Global in order to practice it.  Madeleine is LSVT certified and is now offering this therapy as a treatment option.

Voice problems unfortunately go hand in hand with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), with many (approximately 89%) of people with PD reporting features like softness and hoarseness.  This can significantly impact daily life with it seeming as though no one can hear the person with PD speaking or that people are simply ignoring them.  LSVT has been proven to significantly improve the loudness and quality of the PD voice, as well as have knock on effects to the articulation of speech (speech clarity).

LSVT does require a certain amount of commitment to the cause – as a rule it involves 4x 1 hour consecutive sessions a week, for 4 weeks (16 hour long sessions).  An assessment session and an ENT examination prior to commencing therapy is also required.  However, this is one of the main reasons why this therapy is so effective – it is more like physiotherapy for the voice!

Please click the LSVT Loud logo above to visit their official website and find out more.  Visit the Fees page to view the pricing structure.  Contact Madeleine directly at Voice Box if you wish to enquire about LSVT.

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