What is a Voice Disorder?

…A big-impact issue with little understanding by the general public.

Also known as dysphonia.  PS, the voice box is usually known as the larynx.

You may have heard of some of the following types of voice disorders:


  • vocal cord palsy
  • vocal nodules
  • cysts and polyps
  • keratosis
  • tumours
  • sulcus
  • haemorrhage
  • oedema and erythema (e.g. from smoking/reflux)

Psychogenic (no, this term does not mean ‘imaginary’ or ‘mad’):

  • muscle tension dysphonia
  • puberphonia
  • voice loss/change due to stress/trauma/bereavement


  • Voice change due to neurological changes such as in Parkinson’s Disease, following stroke.

You won’t be surprised to hear that all of the above categories can be combined together.  The cause or ‘aetiology’ of dysphonia can be  straightforward or extremely complicated.  It is Madeleine’s job to help you to figure this out.  This will help to determine the correct course of management.

People greatly underestimate the impact that dysphonia can have on someone’s quality of life.  It can affect everything from relationships, to health, to work.  Therefore Madeleine will also be there to help you to manage this aspect of your dysphonia.

Madeleine is able to provide assessment and therapy for all of the above disorders and more.  There are some fantastic, well-evidenced and very simple therapy techniques available for voice disorders and if we need medical help, this can easily go alongside therapy.

All clients diagnosed with dysphonia will need to see an ENT doctor during the course of their treatment if they have not already done so.  This is extremely important as Madeleine does not have x-ray vision and will need to have a visual image of your larynx!

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