Bristol Speech Therapy

What is ‘therapy’?  It seems as though this term is thrown around quite loosely.  There has even been debate as to whether Speech and Language Therapists should use the term in our professional title; we are known as ‘pathologists’ in some other countries.  However, I firmly believe that ‘therapy’ is the best term to describe what happens at Voice Box.  For all of our medical talk and flash assessment tools, what I am really trying to do is help you to achieve a goal.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is, if you feel that your voice/swallowing/breathing problem is getting in the way, then perhaps I can help.  Your goal might be simply to come to terms with it, to cope better or to stop letting it get in the way of normal life.  Or perhaps the goal is to get rid of it completely.  Goals are something we will discuss in detail during your sessions, as forming an achievable outcome is an important part of the therapy process.

Confidentiality and Consent:  You can be assured that your personal information and details of sessions are entirely confidential.  No treatment will take place without your full verbal consent and no information will be passed on to anybody without your consent.  In line with legal requirements, sessions will be formally documented and these notes will be stored securely along with any other documentation involved in your treatment.

 Prior to booking, please refer to my Terms and Conditions

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